March 25th

I haven’t been posting because not much has been happening.

We rented a very nice three bedroom two bathroom apartment in old Katamon, a great neighborhood with lots of shops,cafes, and parks.We also rented a car because I can’t take public transportation once my immune system is compromised.

On Sunday, March 22, I went to Shaare Zedek for a cardio and pulmonary examine.Later that day I met with a neurologist, Prof. Ariel Miller, in Haifa. Yana and her husband drove us there.It was a very basic exam. I forgot my current MRI disks in Jerusalem, only had the written reports. He was a bit hesitant about recommending HSCT for me. But I left there with the feeling that he would support me.

On Tues.March 24th, I met with Prof. Rowe at Shaare Zedek.  Yana and Ira were with us.My heart almost stopped when Prof. Rowe said that Prof. Miller would not recommend HSCT for me and he would not do the procedure without a recommendation from a neuro. Prof. Miller seemed to feel that some of my issues were  related to disk problems and not MS. I also think I didn’t present a bad enough picture. I tend to downplay my disabilities and put up a big front of being well. The catch 22 is that the sooner you get HSCT, the lessor your damage, the better your chances of recovering lost ability but if you don’t appear bad off enough they feel that the procedure is far too risky and harsh for a seemingly well person.

Prof. Rowe called Prof. Miller and after a lengthy conversation, Prof Rowe agreed to treat me. I was sent home with a supply of filgrastim to enhance my stem cell production. I am to inject myself twice a day.

On Sunday , I have to go to Shaare Zedek to have the Hickman line placed in my chest for permanent  IV access.

Tues.March 30th, I go to Haifa to have my stem cell count checked.

In the intermin I am enjoying Israel. My daughter joined us on Wednesday and my son flew over today. We prayed at the Western Wall, swam in the Dead Sea. And have pretty much been feasting everyday on the amazing food here.

I am just so ready to get this show on the road.The sooner I start ,the sooner I can go home.

I will have to figure out how to add picture to these post.


xoxo AKa   HSCT warrior













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