Day +7 – Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!

April 14th – Day +7


Hey it’s Dakota helping my mom with her blog today as she rests!

Alexx slept over last night.  Ricky got to take the night off and enjoy dinner with Dakota. He really needed a night off after being in the hospital for 6 days straight. It was nice  to have Alexx we woke up a lot but having her by my side was great. Dakota brought over some pictures from New York to continue to decorate my room, I love them and couldn’t be happier he is with us.

Alexx and I holding hands sleeping. ❤image

This morning Ricky and Dakota walked in and surprised us. Ricky shaved his head! He is my #1 supporter.

Mine and Alexx’s reaction to Ricky’s head

After that Dakota buzzed off the rest of the hair I have…

Head Shaving Party!

Ricky and I – Twins!


I got my second dose of Neupogen today which will continue to help stimulate my bone marrow to produce and release more white blood cells. I still am having some trouble breathing and my blood pressure is still high but it is moving in the right direction.  Today is going good but I still can’t eat or drink but hey it’s April 14th! The time is moving slow but each day is a day closer to me coming back to my beloved Long Beach. Having my son Dakota back here has made such a difference already for the entire family.

Thank you all for your constant love and support #akaWarrior



3 thoughts on “Day +7 – Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!

  1. Hang in there Andrea you are doing great and are very obviously surrounded by unwavering love. Take it from me… Bald is beautiful.
    Love and prayers to you all


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