Day +11 and Day +12: ups and downs

April 18th Day +11


Not much to report.  Another day has gone by. Still bloated, tired, and weak. Alexx says my face is slightly less swollen.  ANC was 320 this morning. They increased my dose of Neupogen. It went up to 470 this evening.  Moving on UP!!

My albumin is still only 1.8.  They continue to increase my TPN.

Ric and Alexx took the afternoon off to go lay in the sun.  This is the courtyard in our apartment complex.  The sun heals all.  Dakota spent the day with me.  We talked a lot and he helped me to do Physical Therapy.Alexx gave Ricky the night off and is sleeping over.  The boys went for a nice dinner.



I know that the journey is long, uphill and won’t be easy.  But my family keeps reminding me that I have to fight and stay focused on my ultimate goal. That I am strong and I can overcome.  All of your love and support keeps me going.  Love you all.

April 19th Day +12


Today started off as not such a good day. I woke up at 1am with worsening abdominal discomfort and distension.  It was also harder to breath than usual because of the pressure in my tummy. I woke Alexx up and she examined me and was concerned. She checked my vitals; my blood pressure was okay, my heart rate was fast at 125-140, and my oxygen was only 88%.  Alexx ran out to grab the nurse who placed me on oxygen and called the doctor.  He examined me and wanted to place the NG tube back in because my stomach was full of air again.  The tube went in easy thankfully and gastric juices came right out.  An abdominal X-ray was done which didn’t show any free air.

Then my morning labs showed that my hemoglobin had dropped from 8.8 to 6.8.  It was confirmed on repeat labs, thus everyone was concerned for a GI bleed.  Alexx assured me that even if it was a bleed it wasn’t a big one because my blood pressure and heart rate were holding steady.  They transfused me 2 units of packed red blood cells and will repeat labs later.  They also ordered a CT scan of my abdomen to rule out any major sources of bleeding, and to do an interval follow up on my colitis since my last scan was a week ago.  They also got a CT chest to make sure my lungs are doing okay.

My ANC in the morning was 660 and my albumin slightly improved to 2.0.

We had to wait all day long to get the results. Alexx, Ric, and Dakota took turns going out to the nurses station to ask the doctors for results. Everyone was on edge and we spent the whole day waiting.  No one slept last night so everyone was very emotional. We all took turns comforting each other.   Finally at 515pm Dr Rowe came in and told us the Ct Abd showed “nothing obvious”.  I likely had a small GI bleed from all of the inflammation from the chemotherapy. The plan is to monitor my vitals and labs closely, start a nexium drip, and likely repeat a CT abdomen tomorrow.

The CT chest didn’t show any pneumonia. Just some fluids from the volume overload  I got lasix twice.

***And now for the good news!  My evening labs showed my hemoglobin went up to 10.2 and my ANC is 1240.  It’s almost tripled in the past 24 hours!  Hopefully this pattern will continue.

Towards the end of the day my abdomen finally started feeling better and the kids say that it is much smaller and softer.  I finally got out of bed into the chair.  What a whirlwind of a day it has been.

And here’s your funny story of  the day.  Because  of the lasix I’ve been peeing like a racehorse  the foley bag filled up very quickly. The nurse didn’t realize that it was full and it was leaking onto the floor.  Dakota then discovered it with his feet, along with the doctors who were all standing in it.  Wooops!

Dakota washing his feet outside the room.





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