Day +14: “There’s a life outside this room”

April 21st, Day +14

Dakota stayed with me overnight.  We didn’t sleep much because I had a nose bleed from the low platelets so they were drawing my blood and giving me platelet transfusions.  He did a good job of keeping me company, advocating for me to the nurses and doctors, and calling his sister when he had questions or concerns. He didn’t get any sleep but I felt very safe with him by my side.

My wonderful and silly family. Sleep deprivation at its finest.


My ANC is 5700, hemoglobin is 11.2, and albumin is 2.3.  Everything is slowly moving in the right direction.  The biggest issue is still the inflammation in my abdomen (which is what causes the distension that makes me look and feel 9 months pregnant) and a minor GI bleed.  I’m getting blood transfusions and they are closely monitoring my labs.  The NGT was removed again today.  I hope it can stay out!

I am still very weak and frustrated. I had no idea I would Get this sick and the road ahead of me seems incredibly daunting.  It’s hard for me to a imanage walking again when I need help just to roll over and reposition my legs.


But guess what happened today?!?!  For the first time in 3 weeks I got to leave my room! I had totally forgotten what the world looked like outside of here. I went to the 6th floor to do physical therapy in a special PT room.

Dilka the physical therapist


Standing up for the first time in 2 weeks.  I could only do it for 20 seconds but it’s better than nothing.  I also used the arm bike.  I was very tired but it felt good to move.


Then after doing PT, Alexx wheeled me up onto the sun roof on the 8th floor.  It was very hot outside (86 in Jerusalem today) so we didn’t stay outside for too long.  But it felt incredible to breath in fresh air and feel the sun on my face. I look forward to going up there at night when’s it’s cooler and we can look at the stars.


We all just can’t wait to get back to Long Beach to our friends, family, and wonderful little beach town–especially since summer is almost upon us!.  The doctors said it is reasonable to thing I should be able to leave the hospital in 2 weeks but it’s hard to predict.  We are just taking it day by day, moment by moment.



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