Day +26, +27, and +28: Start Spreading the News…

May 3rd to 5th 2016

Its Alexx.  Sorry I havent posted in a few days.  A lot has been going on, we’ve been very busy planning.

Mom has made tremenous improvements over the past 3 days.  Her personality is back and she is getting stronger every day!

We have decided that it is time to get back to New York so we can be with our family and friends.  It will be a big boost to her morale and enhance the healing process.  I found this company called MedAssis, which helps arrange international medical flights.  Their medical director happens to be the Director of the Emergency Department at Shaare Zedek.  I contacted them on Saturday and he came and spoke with us on Sunday morning.  Everything was taken care of and we were wholly impressed with their efficiency.  The plan is to fly home today!!!!!  We will be on a business flight on El-Al with a paramedic who can monitor her and administer any medications if needed.  Then we will head to Columbia NYP where she will be admitted to complete her hospital stay.

She is very excited to go home but also nervous and anxious.  Shes been in the hospital for 37 days.  She currently isnt walking, but thankfully looks stronger every day.  The next phase of her journey to recovery will be intensive physical therapy and rehabilition.  We are exploring acute rehab as an option after the hospital so she can gain her strength more quickly.

We can not begin to thank everyone for all of your love, support, prayers, and positive vibes.  We felt them here.  During those dark and scary 2 weeks it is what kept us going.

VIVA AVIVA!!!!!!!!

And now……some photos 🙂


Alexx took a final trip to the Kotel yesterday to say her final prayers and goodbye to Israel.


The first time I’ve put on real clothing in 37 days!



9 thoughts on “Day +26, +27, and +28: Start Spreading the News…

  1. Wow. I am so excited. How quickly this has been arranged. We’ll have to plan our visits or else she’s going to be bombarded by 200 people. Alex you have been amazing. Did you know you went into medicine for this very reason. I love you all so much and I’m ,as I’m sure everyone else is,so proud of all of you as a family. You are the definition of family xoxo

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  2. Welcome home to Ric, Andi, and Alex!
    Along with Dakota you have persevered as a family and now ready for final phase, healing!! Soon, you will be sitting listening to the birds, soaking up the salty air in Long Beach!!! Can’t wait to see you! Xx


  3. So glad you are coming home..God bless your beautiful family for all the support they gave you.YOu will feel much better when you get home…xoxoxo


  4. Oh, Andrea–I’m crying like a baby. You have been through the fire and have been healed! May yo go from strength to strength. Every good thing for you now and always. Have a safe trip and a R’fuah Sh’leimah! Love to you and whole family. Shabbat Shalom! Lynn and Joe


  5. Safe travels home! Sure you will feel better being closer to more family and friends. Sending you lots of positive healing energy.


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