Day +28, +29, +30: New York, New York!

May 5th to 7th: Days +28 +29 and +30

Hey everyone. I’m back in New York!!!!

It was a long flight (12 hours!) and an ever longer journey!

Everything went smoothly. The ambulance rides, the flights.  We had a wonderful paramedic that flew with us and thankfully I didn’t need much at the flight.

And now I am at Columbia NYP! What a difference.  Everyone speaks English. It’s so clean. The nurses check on me every hour and when I press the call bell somebody comes within 5 minutes.  I felt safe enough to spend the night alone and sent Alexx home.

I’ve met with the the nutritionist who is great.  They already advanced my diet to what they call “transitional”-meaning low bacterial, bland, low fiber foods.  I’ve tolerated small amounts of chicken, canned fruit, cereals, steamed veggies.   They put me on a medication to help by gut motility.  It seems to be working. My albumin is 3.7!

Ive also been seen by Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  I have a long way to go. They are recommending Acute Rehabitilion which we still start looking at on Monday.

Overall I feel more optimistic and safe. I’m very blessed to be back in New York.  It’s been nice to start getting visitors and I’m glad that my family is starting to get some rest.  Alexx was in bed til almost 1pm today!

My last white board update in Israel!



Business class on the plane. Ready to return to NYC!


Yossi the wonderful paramedic that flew with us.  Such a kind and calming soul.



Alexx riding in the back of the ambulance from JFK to Columbia NYP





One thought on “Day +28, +29, +30: New York, New York!

  1. I’ve been following your journey from day 1, you’ve certainly been on a crazy ride with all the ups and downs – so good to see you made it home comfortably and ready for rehab – wishing you all the very very best for a successful rehabilitation 🙂

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