Steady as she goes: Days +31 to +34

May 13th, Day +35

Written by Alexx and Andi.

Hey everyone, I know everyone has been patiently waiting for blog posts.  The Kaiser family has been recovering from jet lag, catching up on sleep, and readjusting to life in New York.

Small baby steps but on the road to recovery.  We feel so grateful to be back in NY and at such a great hospital.  The staff has been going above and beyond and I feel very well cared for.  I sleep at the hospital alone at night, and then my family comes to visit every day.

Not too much to report.  I am working with physical therapy 2 times a day.  The amazing physical therapist Fabiola gets me out of bed and walking with a walker and leg brace for extra support.  I was evaluated by the Rehabiliation doctors at Columbia and approved for Acute Rehab which will encompass 3 hours of PT a day (1.5 of PT and 1.5 of OT).  I am just awaiting medical clearance and bed availability. Hopefully I will be placed at CUMC, but we also have Rusk(NYU), Cornell and Mt Sinai on the list.

I’ve been eating a little more each day.  All of dietary restrictions have been lifted and I am starting to have food cravings again.  I eat small amounts at a time, but I can keep it down.  And my albumin is good! Finally

Medically I am doing well.  They gave me a medication called IVIG yesterday (5/12) which is a protein that helps me to fight infections.  My levels are low from the chemotherapy so they wanted to boost my immune system.  Unfortunately I had a reaction to it, which can happen in up to 50% of people.  I felt chilled, then stared shaking–something called rigors–and then spiked a fever.  The PA and nurses took amazing care of me.  They treated the reaction with Benadryl, steroids, and Demerol and I was better within the hour.  It was scary but thankfully Alexx was here; she kept looking me in the eyes and telling me “everything is going to be okay”.  I also have a mild UTI which they are treating with oral antibiotics.  They took the Foley Catheter out so hopefully that helps.

I get to meet with a Buddhist monk some days named Saigon. Alexx is good friends with him and has worked with him for years.  He brings a Tibetan prayer bowel in and meditates with me.  It has really helped to quell my anxiety

Photo time!

The daily boards.  Ricky and I took over on Tuesday because Alexx had the day off.




image Love and light xoxox


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